We have a true passion for Light Electric Vehicles


CARVON LLC goes way back to 2012, when we started putting electric motors on inline skates. Since then, we have put motors on almost every light and portable form of transportation. We have also developed various ways of controlling them, with different sensors and interfaces. As we progressed, we always found ourselves going faster and wanting the best possible ride. After discovering these 2 features with Direct Drive/Hub motors setup, we offered our CARVON Hub Motors to the DIY ESK8 community. Our V2 and V2.5 have been a favorite with builders. Along the way, we have learned a lot and implemented the knowledge we gained on our new products. Leverage our experience and passion about LEVs and join us as we continually invent and innovate to give you the best product possible. Get your carve ON!



Our Partners

We work with a number of reputable vendors to source parts for our products. These are some of the most respected companies in the USA and Canada for longboard parts, and have an excellent record for quality and reliability.

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