With the weather clearing up, Team CARVON did a quick ride with the EVO prototype, testing a variety of bushings for our setup. Full disclosure, we are a bunch of lightweights hovering between 130-140 lbs so softer bushings provide more maneuverability and handling. To hit top speed on the EVO, we found that it’s best to go with stiffer bushings - ideally barrel bushings on the bottom of the trucks and cone bushings up top. Your trucks should be loose enough to turn when you need to but strong enough to provide support when you are going at a high speed. Strong ankles and core strength also make a huge difference in maintaining stability and balance. The trick to finding the right bushing combination is to be honest about your weight and the speeds that you plan on hitting to accommodate what type of riding you want to be doing. If you are a lighter weight rider, start on the softer side of the durometer scale and work your way up. If you are a heavier set rider, start on the harder side and work your way down. Try many different bushings to find exactly what works right and feels best for you.