CNC Machining Raw Urethane Tubes; V4 SpeedDrive XL and EVO 2WD XL Back for Ordering

We are finally able to CNC machine urethane tubes and cut them to custom sizes.


Before, we were just cutting actual urethane longboard wheels, but they come up short and do not protect the whole motors from road hazards.


This issue is critical for those that have their motors in front. It also particularly affects the V4 SpeedDrive XL because of its extra length. So now because of this development, we are offering the V4SD XL and CARVON EVO 2WD XL again.

But hurry, the V4SD XL and the EVO 2WD XL will increase by $100 after April 8 PDT. The The 95A urethane tube, longer axle, heat-treating and CNC process, tooling, time, etc. all adds up to the cost of producing them.