Update on SpeedDrive R and XL

Hey guys, so here's the update on the SpeedDrive R and XL. First the good news.

We now have both the "sensored" stators for XL (left) and R (right). So both motors can now be assembled. 

We also had the axles heat-treated so that they will be even stronger. The center square dimension was 11.9mm before heat-treatment.

Now for the bad news. Because of heat-treatment, the axles expanded and do not fit inside the hangers anymore. So we already sent them back to the machine shop to do minor facing operation on them. The machine shop said they will ship it back to us in 2 weeks.

So until we have the axles back, the SpeedDrives and EVO orders are on hold. But we are still working, especially the assembly of the motors and the enclosure on the EVO. Rest assured that we are committed not only on shipping your orders, but giving you a product that will last.




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