Updates and Shipping Schedule

Axles are here, we are organizing the parts and planning the production. Building should commence any time. We have signed and put downpayment on our new facility, moving there this week. This is big, we have purchased our own CNC machines! This is to not only speed up production but to also avoid getting parts that do not fit. Along with our manual lathe, mill, heavy equipments and new staff members, we foresee products to be in-stock in the near future.

Starting tomorrow, we will email 10 customers about pending shipping. Actual shipping will be done on Friday or Saturday. These customers will come from pre-orders, Kickstarter, group-buy and web orders. Priority will be placed on how easy we can build and ship the order. During this week, notified customers can communicate and confirm any change/update on their order, new shipping address, etc. Please be discreet with the communication as we want to be on front of the machines building your order instead on front of a keyboard. Parts for EVO will also start to be sent to LHB this week.

We thank everyone for their support and patience. We understand that you have been waiting a long time. The V4 SpeedDrive product line, including the EVO, has been a little complicated to finalize. There are more parts involved and more customizations to do. We really just want to solve the issues that became apparent with the first roll out of the V3/V4 SD and EVO 2WD before we start shipping them again. We've made improvements like heat-treated axles, magnet rings, more solid motor fans, flux rings, silicone sleeves, better wheel adapters, better and sturdier enclosure, better-looking design, etc. This ensures that you will enjoy your CARVON much, much longer.