V4 SpeedDrive R in Full Production and Have Been Shipping

We have been very busy assembling V4 SpeedDrives. We now have the SpeedDrive R in-stock and have been shipping them out to pending orders. Here are some confirmations and photos of them, there are more that received them but have not posted anything:

Link 1Link 2Link 3


We are also starting to ship them to our builder so that the EVO complete boards can now be processed. The SpeedDrive XL should follow up soon right after fulfilling the SD R orders. We need to check and verify that parts shipped to us by our suppliers meet our specifications. We will not ship a product that doesn't meet our standards.

We apologize for the radio silence but we needed to put our noses down and get the manufacturing process locked down. As we start crossing off our to-do list, we will have more time to communicate. Still, our priority is giving you high-quality products that stands up for a very long time. We would prefer that you guys get mad at us now, than get mad us later and...injured. Safety is paramount to us, considering what we have gone through.