V4 SpeedDrive R is shipping, XL in 2 weeks

Our current machines cannot fit the extra length of the XL, we have ordered new machines already and they should be here in about two weeks. So V4 TorqueDrive XL is delayed but R is shipping.

We have also resumed offering the V4 SpeedDrive R, although new orders will be shipped in 2 weeks. This is to make sure we take care of the pending orders first.





  • CARVON Team

    XL will be back very soon. We are making the flux ring thicker for the XL than the R so that it will be more protected. The XL is more exposed to road debris because it’s longer, so we need to address that. If you prefer more torque, you can also opt for 4WD V4 SpeedDrives or 2WD/4WD V4 TorqueDrives, both of them are in-stock and ready to ship.

  • when will speed drive XL's be back on the market

    when will speed drive XL’s be back on the market

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