We All Suffered A Loss

Hey guys, I'm sure most of you already know that the Esk8 community lost a distinguished, pioneering and selfless member. For us, we lost a personal and dear friend. Our local rides will never be the same again. It's been especially difficult for me because we have collaborated on so many things and have a lot of innovative ideas for the future of Esk8. It has been weeks full of questions and doubts for me, but thankfully the path is getting clearer. We will honor his passion and commitment by moving forward. RIP Derek.

We are also dealing with multiple issues from our suppliers. Some of them are behind their promised delivery date. Our motor factory sent us stators for the V4 SpeedDrive XL without sensors. We have already sent back these stators and have been told that the sensored stators will be shipped mid next week. If all goes well, they should be here the week after that.


We also have received most of the CNC parts for the SpeedDrives, the latest being the axles. But unfortunately, the axles do not fit the hanger. The CNC shop has accepted to re-machine the axles. We are shipping it to them today. They are on the East Coast and we were told that it will take them at least 2 weeks for the turn-around. So in reality, it will take 3 weeks including the shipping. 

We did modify the design of the SpeedDrive axles so that they can fit on TorqueDrive hangers. The hanger on the left is for the SpeedDrive and the hanger on the right is for the TorqueDrive. We have changed the design of the SpeedDrive axle so that now it fits only into the TorqueDrive hanger, enabling us to machine only one hanger for both SD and TD. This also means that with only a swap of motors and axle, one can easily change the SpeedDrive to TorqueDrive and vice-versa. By doing this, we are thinking of a future where motor KV is equivalent to the number of teeth on a wheel pulley. Just like in belt-drive, where different wheel sizes can be used just by selecting the number of teeth on a wheel pulley, this design enables a direct-drive to also allow the use of different wheel sizes by just simply changing motors with different KV.

So in all, we foresee the original schedule being pushed back to at least 3 weeks. We hope for your understanding and continued support. We are doing our best despite all the challenges that our facing us at the moment.



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