Miles ahead.

When pushing the limits of electric longboarding, you don’t want to compromise. With the CARVON V3 Dual Direct Drive system, you have access to unparalleled smoothness and responsive acceleration. It’s not a belt drive nor a hub motor. It’s the future.

Why Dual Direct Drive?

Forget about harsh starts and stops that can throw you off your board. Our CARVON V3 Dual Direct Drive system creates virtually no drag, giving you smoother brakes, acceleration and more natural coasting ability than belt drives. With direct drive, our wheels maintain their full urethane strength for better handling and stability. This also makes it a better option than hub motors which have a thin layer of urethane that are more susceptible to motor heat and road elements.

When it came to choosing our wheels, this one was a no brainer. Abec 11 Flywheels are legendary for their ability to roll over everything in its path. Extremely smooth and fast, they defy what you might expect from a massive wheel. They are great for running over any road imperfections and accelerate extremely well due to their massive core. The round lip and small contact patch are a perfect match for our CARVON V3 Dual Direct and Xmotor Drive Systems.

Our friends at ShredLights have been at the cutting edge of skateboard illumination since 2013 and it shows. Using their unique mounting system, you can quickly slide the lights on for use at night and off to charge during the day. Using a split USB cable you can simply plug both ShredLights into a single outlet for a charge. They are built to withstand even the toughest vibrations and have two brightness levels - 80 lumens on HIGH power, and 40 lumens on LOW power.

When it came to creating a custom made EVO deck, we went with the legendary Landyachtz crew who have been designing boards for over 18 years. The 11 plys of Hard Maple provide incredible durability and the built-in wedging on the EVO effectively wedges your front truck 15 degrees and de-wedges your back truck 15 degrees. This increases turning ability in the front and eliminates it in the back, providing a stable and controlled turn. Many boards have mimicked this since the EVO’s inception a decade ago, but the EVO is the real deal.