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The CARVON EVO has V4 SpeedDrive Dual Direct-Drive motors, a Landyachtz Evo deck and full-urethane 97mm wheels for an unparalleled riding experience. The V4SD motors can rocket the EVO up to 40 mph. By having no belts, the V4SD motors have almost no drag and can coast very far--just like hub motors. They are also amazingly quiet!

The full-urethane/complete wheels means you have more a comfortable and safe ride. They don't suffer deformation which can lead to urethane slippage and lower range. The wheels can be replaced with different brands and can also be rotated--just like car tires--for an even wear. The EVO looks super-stealthy and can easily be mistaken as a regular longboard.

Most importantly, the CARVON EVO feels and rides as natural as a regular, non-powered longboard. The arched “drop down” shape of the deck is meant to position the rider close to the ground for better feel and performance. If you like electric longboards, but feel they are too slow, mechanized and don’t ride smoothly, then the CARVON EVO is the board for you.
Features and Technical Specs:

  • V4 SpeedDrive Sensored Motors with 5000w Combined Power
  • 12s3p Samsung 30Q Battery Pack
  • 97mm ABEC 11 Flywheels 
  • Landyachtz Evo Deck
  • Surf-rodz 200mm RKP Front Truck
  • 40 mph top speed and up to 15% Incline
  • Range up to 25 miles or 40 km
  • 250lb or 113kg Max Rider Weight


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  1. The CARVON EVO boards are designed to be ridden on high-speed tracks. Please check your local laws before riding them.
  2. Rider must have previous skating experience and should ride responsibly. Minimum rider age should be 18.
  3. Always wear a helmet and full race gear if possible. Serious injury or death can occur.
  4. Should not be use solely for riding on steep hills. Never ride on wet roads.