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Build time takes 3 - 5 weeks.

The CARVON EVO 4WD, the perfect combination of speed and torque. You get the best of everything:  faster speeds, more torque, better braking, accurate control, comfortable ride, expanded wheel-options, excellent coasting, and much more. It has four V4 SpeedDrive R motors capable of reaching 50 mph and true 25% hill climb ability on small wheels.

Features and Technical Specs:

* V4 SpeedDrive R Sensored Motors with 10kw Combined Power

* 12s5p Samsung 30Q Battery Pack

* 107mm Full-Urethane Wheels

* Landyachtz Evo 39" Deck

* Up to 50mph Top Speed and True 25% Inclines

* Range of Up To 25 miles or 40 km

*325lb or 147kg Max Rider Weight

All international orders are responsible for import duties and taxes.



  1. The CARVON EVO boards are designed to be ridden on high-speed tracks. Please check your local laws before riding them.
  2. Rider must have previous skating experience and should ride responsibly. Minimum rider age should be 18.
  3. Always wear a helmet and full race gear if possible. Serious injury or death can occur.
  4. Should not be use solely for riding on very steep hills. Never ride on wet roads.