CARVON V4 SpeedDrive XL

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This is a longer version of the original V4 SpeedDrive R. These motors have more torque and can be used with 107mm ABEC 11 SuperFly wheels on 2WD. It has 5 mph lower top speed than the V4 SD R on a same-sized wheel.

Features and Tech Specs:

  • Dual 85kv sensored motors, 2250W each
  • Custom-made precision CNC hanger, motor mounts and axle
  • Motor mounts are screwed on for absolute no stator movement
  • Stepped-down axle (from 12mm to 10mm) is removable and replaceable
  • Motors can be easily removed and inside bearings replaced
  • Axle end-to-end is 12 inches (305mm)

Does not come with wheels or front truck. All international orders are responsible for import duties and taxes.


Recommended Use:

  • Optimal rider weight is 225 lbs (102 kg) or less for 2WD builds, 275 lbs (125kg) or less for 4WD builds. Not designed for very hilly areas.
  • Use 97mm to 107mm wheels for 2WD, use 107mm urethane to 7" pneumatic wheels for 4WD. Not designed for off-road or on grass.
  • 2WD should be rear-driven and used with either a drop-down deck or with a thick enclosure to make sure the motors are shielded.
  • Use a 12s (preferred Samsung 30Q) battery pack with minimum 3p for 2WD, and minimum of 5p for 4WD. 
  • Use only Vedder's ESCs. Sensored BLDC mode has higher top speed, sensored FOC mode is near-silent.
  • Do not misuse, abuse, overuse or neglect. Do not do tricks. Do not ride on rain or soaked streets.
  • Rider must be at least 16 years old and responsible. Always wear helmet and safety gears.
  • Obey traffic, local and community rules. Be respectful to pedestrians. Be a good ambassador.