MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels Set

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A set (4 wheels) of 100mm MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels. These are not full off-road wheels, they're still meant for on-road; whether it's paved, beaten asphalt, concrete with wide expansion gaps, bumpy cobblestones, uneven sidewalks, packed dirt or gravel. Do not ride on loose sand or tall grass.



  • 100mm X 65mm all-terrain longboard wheels are cast with 78A super-high-rebound urethane for unparalleled speed.
  • Uses 22mm O.D. Bearings.
  • Set of 4 Weighs 3lbs. 7oz.
  • Height: 3.75"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Core Width: 20mm