If the CARVON EVO 2WD is evolutionary, the CARVON REVO 4WD is a total revolution. It combines the CARVON V3 Dual Direct Drive Motors up front with the CARVON X Motor in the rear. This setup provides both added torque and higher top speed. It gives the boost on startup and the needed push on uphill climbs because of the geared down X Motor. Because of the one-way bearings, the rear wheels are able to rotate faster than the X Motor as they eventually get power from the V3 Motors only on higher speeds. Like a gearbox on wheels, the concept is similar to 4WD vehicles that run 2WD on highways.

The deck is the same with the EVO, and all four wheels can also be rotated. This setup comes with both 97mm urethane and 7" pneumatic wheels. With REVO 4WD, we have meshed the best features of both Geared and Direct Drives for a truly innovative and game-changing Electric Longboard. This is the board every E-board enthusiast should have.

Technical Specs

  • CARVON Dual Direct Drive (Not Hub/In-Wheel) V3 Sensored Motors + CARVON X Motor 
  • 107mm Full-Urethane and High-Rebound Abec 11 Electric Flywheels + 7” Pneumatic Wheels
  • ShredLights Lighting System
  • 35+mph top speed and up to 25% hill climb ability
  • Range of up to 20 miles
  • $100 USA Shipping, $150 International Shipping
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